Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Singkarak Lake

Are you interest to enjoy the beautiful panoramas of natural view? Danau Singkarak in West Sumatera is the answer. We can find hidden nature beauty and one aesthetical panorama which is still buried there.

Indeed, it can't be disowned that the view around this nature recreation's object so fascinating, so funtastic. It makes this eyes unboring to enjoy outspread.

Singkarak’s Lake is the second largest lake in Sumatera after Toba’s Lake that has been a favorite place to visit.

Lake location as extensive as 129.70 Km2 this so strategics. this location is at roadside among Tanah Datar Regency and Solok. its location is easy being reached, so tourist gets to enjoy landscape of flank that is wanted at meandering lake periphery. Even touristed able to enjoy the view from their car.

So how we can reach the location? Actually, from Minangkabau Airport is reached by take a public transport for 1,5 hour 2 hours that its rate around Rp 25.000 until Rp 30.000. This is the new international airport.. Minangkabau airport placed at 23 km from Padang city, and it can be visit by 14 plane each day that link padang city with Jakarta, Medan, Pekanbaru and also Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for international flight..

Beside beautiful view that tourist can enjoy, there is other privilege that this lake over to visitor, oceanic wealth. Danau Singkarak (Singkarak Lake) has about 19 kinds of fish like asang fish, priyek, balingka, baung, and sasau fish. And also there is scarce fish named Bilih fish or Mystacoleucus padangensis. This fish is only available in Singkarak Lake and unable to cultivated out of nature habit.

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